Monday, 30 July 2012

A Day Out at Great Dixter

Living so close by I had to take some time out to go and visit this amazing garden. Great Dixter was the home of Christopher Lloyd who developed one of the best gardens I have ever seen.

Great Dixter House built in the mid 15th Century

The garden was in FULL bloom and looked stunning

There was colour everywhere

Christopher Lloyd was famous for his colour combinations

I loved this sunken sedum area

The Lily Pond

A topiary bird

The garden was very inspirational and I could have spent all day there. I just loved the abundance of colour and the sheer number of flowers and plants.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summertime at Sissinghurst

I went for a wander around the garden today and its looking lovely. Its at this time of year Sissinghurst garden is looking at its best.

I love the colours in this picture they are amazing!

The Garden Gate

The Red and Yellow Garden

The World Famous White Garden looking fabulous!

The White Garden and Sissinghurst Tower

The Tower is all that's left of Sissinghurst Castle

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Creative Day

Got a bit bored today so I made some cookies and a pair of crochet slippers. All I need now is a nice cup of tea :)

(Slipper pattern here)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Eden Project

While I was in Cornwall I took the opportunity to go and visit The Eden Project. I have to say even at this very early stage in the season I was not disappointed.


The spring bulb display as you enter was looking glorious and the smell of the hyacinths was amazing!

Spring Bulbs
(looks better than the photo honest)

Giant Bee!

It was VERY HOT in the Biome and my camera misted up so please excuse the fuzzy pics but I think they kind of look good and add to the atmosphere lol

Very Pretty

You could almost imagine you were in a real jungle

Carved from re-cycled wood

Looking down into the dome

Yummy Lunch :)

Back outside the Biome
(LOVE the cow)

Great Statue and he moved
(BTW the "grass" is taller than me)

I think I liked the outside more than the inside at Eden, there was much more outside to inspire areas in my own garden (if I had one)

Could see this as a lovely sitting area shaded by the leaves during the summer

And this would look great with a fire pit in the middle, love the moss its like a mini stone henge fairy ring.

And who would have thought dead trees would look so great covered in mirror tiles!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cotehele House and Garden

A few pics from my stay at Cotehele.

The pond in the Upper Garden

The packing shed in the Market Garden

In the Old Orchard

Sculpture in the Mother Orchard

The Cider Press for all those apples

The Tower


The Dovecot and Stew Pond

The Mill

Well that was a very quick look around Cotehele but there is allot to see and I would recommend taking a day to have a look around.

Monday, 9 April 2012

New Horizons

Well I haven't been around much but alot has been happening! I have been very busy in the last few months. To start with I started selling a few bits of my collection of vintage china. I was selling at Afternoon Twee in Glasgow and really enjoyed being involved with a great vintage fair.

My Vintage Stall

Then out of the blue I was offered the oppertunity to become a full time volunteer at Cotehele House and garden in Cornwall! What a surprise! Obviously I packed up everything and moved to Cornwall. Well maybee not "obviously" its not everyones choice to move to the other end of another country to work for no pay but its exactly the chance I was hopeing for. It has worked out much better than I could have ever hoped. But before I tell you more here are some pics of Cotehele. When I got there all I could think was just how lucky I am!

Cotehele House and Terrace

The View from the Terrace

The Tower

Cotehele Is a wonderfull garden and I would definatly recomend a visit if your in the area.

So life was good in Cornwall and I was really enjoying the work and was setteling in nicely when I was offered a Seasonal Vegetable Gardener at Sissinghurst! SISSINGHURST!!!!!

So after only one month at Cotehele I packed up again and moved to Kent to start work at Sissinghurst Castle Garden.