Monday, 1 July 2013

Works In Progress

I have recently started planning a new crochet blanket. I nearly have all the wool I want and can get going soon. However yesterday I realised I should probably finish some of the projects that I have laying around before I start anything new. But I have sooo many ideas and want to get going on them  lol.

This is just 3 of the projects I have stashed around the place.

The first is a Ripple Blanket based on Lucy's pattern here. The coulours don't show up very well but take it from me it is VERY bright :)

The next project is something I have been working on for a while. When I get a new ball of wool I start by making a granny square for this blanket. Then each coloured square is surrounded by some creamy Aran wool.

The last project is going to be a cushion cover. I keep seeing piles of crochet cushions on pinterest and I MUST have my own collection lol.

So I really should finish at least one project before I start on my new blanket idea.....